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Vigeland Museum & Park

Nobels gate 32

November 20 2014 - February 8 2015

Roni Horn: Drawings

The Vigeland Museum is proud to present an exhibition with American artist Roni Horn (1955- ), comprising four large-scale pigment drawings. Some of Horn’s drawings are significant both in scale and complexity. You may not consider them drawings, but for the artist drawing is her primary activity, regardless of idiom or material. Horn first composes separate drawings, and then new drawings are created by literally cutting and pasting. The drawings move beyond the limitations of their material and can be seen as an exploration of the materiality of colour and the sculptural potentiality of drawing.

For more than 30 years, Roni Horn has worked with a wide range of media, ranging from photography, drawing, sculptural installations and performance, to artist’s books and text. Horn’s work concerns matters such as the mutable nature of identity and that of the natural world, and the relationship between subject and object in perception of art and nature.

Running parallel to the exhibition at the Vigeland Museum, Peder Lund will be exhibiting glass sculptures and photography by the artist. The two exhibitions bring Horn’s work to Norway for the first time, and together they offer the viewers an opportunity to explore the multiplicity of the artist’s oeuvre.