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Diyarbakir Art Center

Address : Kurt İsmail Paşa 2.
Sok. Güneş Plaza Kat:6 No:14

Human Rights and Cinema Days with Civil Society in Diyarbakır

Diyarbakır Arts Center completed the first half of its project, “Human Rights and Cinema with Civil Society in Diyarbakır” which aims at contributing to the artistic and cultural aspect of civil society in the city. The project that is composed of thematic film screenings and round table discussions, started on 16 September 2012 in Sülüklü Han with the opening screening of the documentary Pockets of Resistance. The program continued with screenings and discussions on Children Rights in cooperation with ÇAÇA and Migration Foundation on 20-21 September 2012, Youth and Education in cooperation with Diyarbakır Eğitim-Sen and Local Agenda City Council Youth Assembly on 6-7 October 2012, and Women and LGBT on 12-13 October 2012. The activities planned in November were postponed to December due to hunger strikes in prisons. On 7-8 December 2012, the project will continue with film screenings and discussions on Human Rights and Social Justice in cooperation with Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TİHV) and Sarmaşık Association. The closing session will be held on 26 December 2012 with the screening of Ekümenopolis by İmre Azem, and a discussion that will focus on Urbanization and Urban Transformation. The project is supported by the Open Society Foundation.