Zürich: Manifesta 11, June 11-September 18, 2016

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Manifesta 11

June 11–September 18, 2016, Zürich, Switzerland

Every two years Manifesta takes place in a new Host City. Manifesta explores the genius loci and serves as a think tank to re-identify how we live, work, think and see our future here in Europe in the context of the growing challenges of economic recession, migration, climate change. Manifesta also studies and hypothesises on how these effect our changing habitats, our thinking and our society. Because of its migratory existence, Manifesta is able to mount a diverse and ongoing analysis of the state of European culture.

Manifesta 11, with its theme What People Do for Money: Some Joint Ventures, focuses attention on the relation between artistic work and labour. In our post-industrial age, it is a concept that resonates acutely with life not only in Zurich but in the rest of the world.

More information available at http://m11.manifesta.org/