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  • ### New Year's Supplement:
    Seismopolite takes the change of calendar as an opportunity to present a small selection of texts, which demonstrate actuality in somewhat different respects as well as in their combination.
  • Killing Pots. The Community Museum of the Xico Valley, Mexico, and a project by Jorge Satorre
    The distinction between functional objects and dysfunctional ones constitutes a dialectical point of tension, employed by Satorre but also constantly enacted by the Community Museum, on the one hand preserving the object, but also registering the memory of its non-scientific use, and implying a spiritual or talismanic power that remains intact in all the passages of hands and material states.
  • At the Turn of the Centuries: Art and Politics in Sri Lanka
    The paintings of the new generation of artists had distinct colours, were expressive in style with a mostly fragmented composition. At the same time they focused on the statement and the communicated message of the painting, which often combined the political and the personal level.
  • Music, Politics and the Imagination: Béla Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra
    What allows us to regard Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra as political? There are indeed elements in the work, the appearance of themes, patterns of rhythm, elements of formal structure that serve as evidence. There are statements attributed to Bartók that articulate a political critique. The question that remains is that of the warrant.
  • Music for the New Year
    Béla Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra with commentary by Howard Meltzer.